Boxing Game Rules – PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Punjab State Board PSEB 10th Class Physical Education Book Solutions Boxing Game Rules.

Boxing Game Rules – PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Question 1.
Which type of competitions (according to weight) are held in Boxing.

  1. Light Fly Weight = 48 kg.
  2. Fly Weight = 51 kg.
  3. Bantum Weight = 54 kg.
  4. Feather Weight = 57 kg.
  5. Light Weight = 60 kg.
  6. Light Welter Weight = 63.5 kg.
  7. Welter Weight = 67 kg.
  8. Light Middle Weight = 71 kg.
  9. Middle Weight = 75 kg.
  10. Light Heavy Weight = 80 kg.
  11. Heavy Weight = over 80 kg.
  12. Super Heavy Weight = over 100 kg.

Boxing Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Question 2.
Describe Ring, Rope, Platform, Costumes, Gloves and duration of the bout?
In all boxing competitions the inside measurement of the ring is from 12 feet 20 feet to (3m. 66 cm to 6m. 10 cm) square. The height from ring floor level to the top rope shall be from 4 feet to 5 feet (lm 22 cm. to 1 m 52 cm.)

The ring shall be formed by 2 or 3 sets of ropes covered with linen or with some soft material.

The platform shall be erected in a way that it is totally safe, levelled and free from any obstructing projection. It will be constructed on lines of at least 18 inch ropes. It shall have four comer posts constructed in a manner as to prevent any injury.

The floor shall be covered with an under-cover over which canvas shall be stretched.

Competitors shall do boxing by wearing vests, completely covering chests and backs. They shall wear shorts of reasonable length reaching to mid-tight positions. They shall wear light shoes. Wearing of swimming suits is not allowed. Competitors shall wear distinguishing colours such as red or blue sashes round the waist.

The gloves shall be of standard weight. Each glove shall weigh 8 ounces (227 gms.)

A soft surgical bandage, the length of which does not exceed 8 feet 4 inches (2.5 m) and width 1% inches (4.4 cm.), or a velpean-type banadge, which will not exceed 6 feet 6 inches (2 m.) in length and 1% inches (4.4 cm) in width, may be worn on each hand.

Duration of the Game:
The number and duration of rounds for Senior and Junior competitions shall be as under:

Boxing Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education


Senior National Level
3-1-3-1-3 – Three rounds of three minutes each after one minute rest in each bout.

Junior National Level
2-1-2-1-2 – Three rounds of two minutes each, one minute rest between each bout.

International Level
2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2 – Five rounds of two minutes each and one minute rest between each bout.

Question 3.
What do you know about the Draws, Byes and Walk over in Boxing?
The Draw, Byes and Walk Over

1. A draw shall be made for all competitions after taking of weight and doing medical inspection.

2. In those competitions in which there are more than 4 competitors, a sufficient number of byes shall be drawn in the first series to reduce the number of competitors in the second series.

3. The boxers who draw a bye in the first series shall be the first to box in the second series. If there is an odd number of byes, the boxer with the last bye shall compete in the second series against the winner of the first bout in the first series.

4. No player can receive a bye in the first series and a walk-over in the second, or two consecutive walk-overs. In case such a position arises, a fresh draw shall be made of the competitors still in the competition to provide opponents to those competitors who have already received a bye walk-over in the preceding series.

Boxing image 1

Boxing Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Question 5.
Describe any Five Rules in Boxing?
Competitions on Boxing
Limitation of Competitors. Only 4 to 8 competitors are allowed to participate in a competition. This rule does not apply to any championship organised by the Association. The club organising the competition has the right to nominate one of its members to compete provided that member does not participate in the competition.

Boxing image 2

Fresh Draw:
If two members of the same club are being drawn together in a series, and if one of them wishes to withdraw in favour of the other, a fresh draw will be made.

If a competitor wants to withdraw from the competition after the draw has been made, the official-in-charge will report to the Association.

If any competitor wants to retire from the competition due to any reason, he will have to inform the official-in-charge.

Byes that arise after the first series shall be spared for specified time with an opponent approved by the official-in-charge.

Each competitor is attended by one second. No advice or coaching can be given to a competitor by his second during the progress of a round. But after the round is over, the assistance of the second can be taken for a second within the ring, and the other second can provide the competitor water and other essential items from the outside.

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Boxing Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Only Water Allowed:
No drink other than water can be given to the competitor immediately prior to or during a bout.

Table – Drawing Bouts and Byes

No.of Entries Bouts Byes No.of Entries Bouts Byes



(1) Referee or judge (2) Scoring (3) Foul.

Bouts Control

(1) All competitions and contests shall be controlled by a Referee, three or five Judges and a Time-keeper. The referee shall be in the ring. When the number of judges is less than three, the referee shall complete the scoring paper. The exhibition bouts shall be controlled by Referee.

(2) The referee shall use a score pad or introduction slip to record the names and colours of the boxers. In all such cases in which a bout is terminated due to injury or other cause, the Referee shall record the reason thereof, and hand it over to the official-in-charge.

(3) The time-keeper shall be seated on one side of the ring while the Judges on the remaining three sides. The seats shall be so placed as to offer a satisfactory view of boxing. The Referee shall be solely responsible for the control of the bout, and the judges shall independently award points.

(4) The Referee shall be dressed in white at all major tournaments.

Boxing Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Question 6.
How are bouts conducted in Boxing?
Awarding of Points

  1. In all competitions the judges shall award points.
  2. The points shall be recorded on the scoring paper at the end of each round and totalled at the end of the bout. Fractions cannot be taken into account.
  3. Each judge must declare a winner and sign his scoring paper.

The judge’s name shall be written in Block Letters as well as signed on all the scoring slips.


1. The boxer who strikes his opponent the greater number of blows shall be awarded 20 points. The other boxer shall receive a lesser number of points in proportion to the number of blows he has struck.

2. When the judge observes that both the boxers have struck equal number of blows, he awards 20 points to each.

3. If the number of points awarded to each boxer at the end of the bout is equal, the judge will award the decision in the favour of the boxer who has done the most leading off, or if equal in this respect, then in favour of the boxer who has shown the better style. If in his opinion, both the boxers are equal in leading-off and style, he will favour the boxer who has shown the better defence.


The above rule is governed by the following definitions:

(A) Scoring Blows:
Blows struck with the knuckle part of the glove on the front or sides of the head or body above the belt.

(B) Non-scoring Blows:

  • Blows struck while committing any infringement of rules.
  • Blows on arms and on the back.
  • Soft blows or “taps” with no force behind them.

(C) Leading-off:
Leading-off means striking first, or attempting to strike first. Any infringement of the rules nullifies the scoring value of a leading-off move.

(D) Defence:
Avoidance ofblows by blocking, parrying, ducking, guarding, side-stepping, etc.

The decision of the judges or the referee in respect of fouls is final. The referee has the power to caution, warn or disqualify for any of the following acts:

  1. Hitting with the open glove, hitting with the inside or butt of the hand, hitting with the wrists, or any part of the glove other than the kunckle part of the closed glove.
  2. Hitting with the elbow.
  3. Hitting below the belt.
  4. Making use of Kidney Punch.
  5. Using the Pivot Blow.
  6. Hitting deliberately on the back of the neck or head.
  7. Striking a competitor when he is down.
  8. Holding the opponent.
  9. Lying on with head or body.
  10. Ducking below the belt in a manner dangerous to the rival.
  11. Butting or using the head dangerously.
  12. Roughing.
  13. Shouldering.
  14. Wrestling.
  15. Intentionally falling down without receiving a blow.
  16. Persistently covering up.
  17. Unfair use of ropes.
  18. Double blows to the ears.

The Break:
When a referee asks the two boxers to break, both of them must step one pace before recommencing the play. A boxer is not allowed to strike his rival on the “break”.

Down and Count:
A boxer is deemed to be down when any part of his body except his feet touches the ground, or when he is outside or partly outside the ropes, or hangs hopelessly on the ropes.

Stopping the Bout:
1. When a referee is of the opinion that a boxer, due to some injury, cannot continue the game, he stops the bout. In such a case, the rival player is declared the winner. The decision to stop the bout in such a case rests with the referee who can seek medical advice, if needed.

2. The referee has the right to stop the bout if he believes that the rival has got defeated or he is unable to continue the play. Failure to resume Bout. In all bouts, any boxer who fails to resume the fight, when there is time, loses the bout.

Break of Rules:
In case of infringement of rules by the competitor or his second, the competitor is liable to disqualification. A competitor who is declared disqualified shall not receive any award.

Suspected Foul:
If the refree suspects the foul which he has not clearly seen, he can consult the judges and give the decision accordingly.

Boxing Game Rules - PSEB 10th Class Physical Education

Important Information About the Boxing Game

  • Type of Ring = Square
  • The length of ope side = 20 feet
  • Numbers of Roper = 5
  • Number of weight = 12
  • Length of the Patti (Bandage 8′ 4”
  • Breadth of the Patti (Bandage 1 \(\frac{1}{4}\)” .
  • The height of the ring from flour = 3′ 4″
  • Duration of the bout for senior = 3-1-3-1-3 minutes
  • Duration of the bout for Junior = 2-1-2-1-2
  • Duration of international competition = 2-1-2-1+2+1+2+1+2
  • Boxing ring is square in size, each side of which is 20 feet.
  • The ring has three sets of ropes, the colour of whose one end is blue, and of the other red.
  • The weight classification for boxing is done in eleven parts.
  • The weight of gloves should not be over 8 ounces (227 gms.)
  • The length of the bandage should be 8 feet 4 inches, and width 1 1\(\frac{1}{4}\) inches.

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