PSEB 7th Class Computer Book Solutions Guide in Punjabi English Medium

Punjab State Board Syllabus PSEB 7th Class Computer Book Solutions Guide Pdf in English Medium and Punjabi Medium are part of PSEB Solutions for Class 7.

PSEB 7th Class Computer Guide | Computer Science Guide for Class 7 PSEB

Computer Guide for Class 7 PSEB | PSEB 7th Class Computer Science Book Solutions

PSEB 7th Class Computer Book Solutions in English Medium

PSEB 7th Class Computer Book Solutions in Punjabi Medium

PSEB 7th Class Computer Book Solutions in Hindi Medium

PSEB 6th Class Computer Science Syllabus

Time: 3 Hours

Written: 50 Marks
C.C.E.: 10 Marks
Practical: 40 Marks
Total: 100 Marks

Theory Exam

Chapter 1 Typing Tutor
Touch typing, Position of the Fingers on Keyboard, Numeric Keypad, Important keys on Keyboard, Typing in Punjabi using Anmol Lipi Font, Tips to improve Typing Speed, Proper Posture, Suggestions for Repetitive Stress Injuries during Continuous Typing.

Chapter 2 Windows Explorer
Windows Explorer, Opening Windows Explorer, Parts of Windows Explorer, Windows Explorer Views, Working with Files and Folders, Personalization of Desktop.

Chapter 3 Microsoft Word (Part-I)
Introduction, What is Word Processing?, Features of Word Processing Software, Different Word Processing Software, MS Word, Creating New Document using MS Word, Saving a New/Existing Document.

Chapter 4 Microsoft Word (Part-II)
Selection of Text, Home Tab, Undo and Redo Commands, Insert Tab.

Chapter 5 Microsoft Word (Part-III)
Format Tab (Picture Tools), Page Layout Tab,. Review Tab, Printing Documents.

Chapter 6 Microsoft Word (Part-IV)
What is Table?, Creating a Table, Entering Data in the Table, Modifying a Table, Properties of a Table, Splitting Cells, Merging Cells, Splitting Table.

Chapter 7 Introduction to Multimedia
Components of Multimedia, Requirement for Multimedia, File Formats for Multimedia, Multimedia Presentation, Applications of Multimedia.

Chapter 8 Storage Devices
What is Memory?, Usage of Memory, Type of Memory.

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